Paul Gregory

WHAT I DO ....Paul Gregory

I have functioned as an independent insurance broker and corporate consultant since January 1992.

I maintain associations with several highly reputed firms worldwide whom I regularly call upon as may pertain to each client's specific needs supported by my careful analysis.

My main contribution lies in my ability to select the best suited brokerage firm and the specific individuals within, on behalf of my client for their ultimate approval .

I stay involved with each individual account from the preliminary analysis period . The analysis is performed as part of my overall service.

Thereafter, once authorized by the client, the marketing stage is the next step followed by my ongoing availability to field any questions that will, inevitably, occur.

My specific value lies in:

Recognizing and presenting the objectives of the client.

Selecting the appropriate brokerage as the ongoing servicing arm.

Helping to assemble the right team of specialists for Marketing and Servicing.

Monitoring for the best ongoing service.

If situations arise, I am there to make sure that they are resolved.

I have a thorough knowledge of U.S., Lloyds, and Continental markets as well as brokerage firms.

I have hands-on personal experience with most categories of business and applicable coverages from Middle Market to Fortune 500 range companies; in many countries requiring various language skills.

I also serve as an advisor to:

Legal, Accounting, Insurance and Investment Banking firms pertaining to insurance practice development worldwide.

Insurers seeking help with country penetration or development for business with various insurance brokers on a fee or success fee arrangement.

I identify and participate in transacting mergers and acquisitions for brokers and insurers on a prearranged fee basis; ranging from flat fee to percentage success fee.




Paul Gregory
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